Electronic Trading Overview

Weeden & Co. LP provides electronic trading solutions through our partnership with Pragma Financial. Pragma is a New York-based financial services firm and an established provider of innovative trading solutions to buy-side and sell-side clients. We are dedicated to consistently meeting the goals of a diverse client base by providing top-quality execution, proven technology, and exceptional support and service.

Weeden’s Electronic Products Group (EPG) takes a consultative approach to meeting our clients’ trading needs. We offer innovative, purpose-built trading tools and sophisticated analytical services that provide insight into how our clients’ trading practices and execution providers affect their investment performance.

Weeden & Co. believes that client orders should be executed without any inherent conflict or bias. Weeden & Co. does not internalize any client order flow nor do we operate any proprietary trading or market making desks. This unique structure enables us to optimally source liquidity without any of the encumbrances that other firms may have.

Quantitative Strategy
With more than 50 years of combined experience in engineering, mathematics, physics and financial analysis, our quantitative strategy team devotes significant resources to the study of both theoretical and applied problems in algorithmic finance. Our analysis and practical experience keep our products cutting-edge and allow us to respond rapidly to the needs of our clients and evolving market conditions. Our quantitative strategy encompasses a broad range of financial theory, from market microstructure to portfolio management and the structure of excess returns. Analysis is an ongoing process, and as our understanding of the financial universe improves, the benefits accrue to our products and to our customers.

While our “out of the box” algorithms are very sophisticated, many clients opt to have our strategies customized for their specific needs and trading styles. Our unique “building block” architecture allows us to rapidly customize strategies for almost any trading style. Many customizations can generally be achieved within 24 hours.

Market Structure Expertise
Our trading and market structure group spends a significant amount of resources understanding many of the market structure and regulatory issues that exist today. We frequently meet with regulators, exchange operators, dark pools and legal experts to gain a better understanding of how today’s environment effects trading and how we can incorporate this knowledge into our algorithmic development.

Highly Experienced Service & Support
Creating innovative electronic strategies is only part of what we offer. Our support group is comprised of individuals with an average experience of over 20 years in trading and market structure. We work extensively with clients on helping them understand the specifics of our strategies and our order routing methodology to match their execution objectives.

We meld cutting edge technologies with high touch relationships in everything we do.

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