Program Trading Overview

Weeden’s Program Trading Group is consistently ranked among Wall Street’s best. 2016 is the 13th straight year that Weeden has ranked #1 in multiple Greenwich Associates categories. Once you get to know our firm, the reasons for our exceptional track record are clear.

  • Integrated, unconflicted approach — With no proprietary trading desk to distract us, our program and block desks work hand-in hand with total focus on client objectives. The philosophy of putting the client first is embedded in our organizational DNA.
  • Strategic process — From rigorous pre-trade analysis through post-trade assessment, each step in our trading process is designed to optimize our execution strategies and results. We are especially known for our expertise in handling the tough and illiquid trades that can make or break performance.
  • Hands-on expertise — Our desk is staffed by a high number of seasoned program trading professionals. Their market knowledge is complemented by senior managers who stay closely involved in day-to-day trading. The team includes a dedicated portfolio strategist who quarterbacks each trade at a high strategic level.
  • Innovative technology — We seamlessly integrate best-of-breed technologies with proprietary tools such as OnePipe™, our industry-leading algorithm providing single-point access to more than 50 dark pool and alternative liquidity sources. Our partnership in Pragma Financial Systems, a think tank focused on innovation in algorithmic trading, gives us ongoing, exclusive access to new technologies.

With these advantages, Weeden is consistently able to deliver high crossing rates, minimal market impact, and outstanding performance in program trading.

We are especially known for our expertise in handling tough and illiquid trades.
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