Commission Management Program

Weeden & Co. offers asset managers a comprehensive Commission Management Program including CSA, CCA, soft dollars and commission recapture solutions. Clients can increase the efficiency of their business and the reach of their commission dollars by utilizing our dedicated client service team as well as our web based commission portal to manage and access balances, trade detail, and Research/CSA payments.

Contact us at:
Commission Management Group
145 Mason Street
Greenwich, CT 06830
Office: (646) 227-5573
Fax: (203) 861-7730

Advantages of Weeden’s Commission Management Program:

Balance Safety

Weeden has no proprietary trading that may put your commission dollars at risk. Further, we segregate CSA balances into an account exclusively for the benefit of customers that is separate from the firm’s main operating account.

Best Execution

Competitive rates without compromising execution quality, optimizing every commission dollar in a fiercely competitive landscape.


Ability to utilize various Domestic and International trading strategies to generate CSA/RPA credits including high touch, low touch, program or derivative trading.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory and best practice advice. Transparency of research and execution costs to fulfill all SEC and MiFid II requirements.

Dependable Service

Each member of our experienced and dedicated client service team has been with Weeden for 10+ years, ensuring efficient, consistent, and prompt resolution of any service request.

Vast Network

Extensive list of vendor/broker dealer participants within network that is constantly expanding.

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