Electronic Trading

“Our conflict free model and performance based routing provides our clients with a unique and transparent offering”

Paul Pantalena

Senior Managing Director and the Head of Trading — Electronics Trading Group

Dave Margulies

Head of Electronic Products Group


Weeden & Co. LP provides a complete algorithmic trading solution that is focused on optimizing the trade execution process. We are dedicated to consistently meeting the goals of our diverse client base by providing exceptional execution, proven technology, and exceptional support and service.

Established in 1922

Our long standing history of putting our clients first is well established. Weeden was responsible for helping eliminate fixed commissions and advancing the “third market” to allow for best execution.

Our History

100% Employee Owned Firm

Weeden & Co. is 100% owned by its current and former employees. This unique structure allows our employees to have a personal stake in our performance.

No Proprietary Trading Desk

We don’t want to compete with your order, therefore we do not operate any proprietary trading desks at Weeden & Co.

No Internalized Dark Pool

We route orders to the venues that with the highest probability of a fill with the least amount of impact and information leakage. Internalized dark pool can be counterproductive to our routing practices.

No Payment for Order flow

We do not “sell” your flow in order to receive payments or rebates from venues. Our routing methodology does not receive any payments or have any preferential relationships to provide order flow.

Complete Order Transparency

Client have the right to know exactly how their orders were executed and any details related to their orders. Clients have complete access to all the relevant FIX tags, routes, performance/reversion metrics and routing logic in order to better make informed decision.

Easy Customization

While our “out of the box” algorithms are very sophisticated and provide many user options, many clients opt to have our strategies customized for their specific needs and trading styles. Our unique “building block” architecture allows us to rapidly customize strategies for almost any trading style. Many customizations can generally be achieved with an overnight change.

Routing Decisions are Not Based on Venue Fees/Rebates

Our routing logic is based on many factors including probability of a fill, speed, and price. We do not send orders to venues solely based on any fees or rebates.

Market Structure Expertise

Our best execution and market structure committees spend a significant amount of resources understanding the complex market structure and regulatory issues that exist today. We frequently meet with regulators, exchange operators, dark pools and legal experts to gain a better understanding of how today’s environment effects trading and how we can incorporate this knowledge into our algorithmic development.

Highly Experienced Service & Support

Creating innovative electronic strategies is only part of what we offer. Our support group is comprised of individuals with an average experience of over 23 years in trading and market structure. We work extensively with clients on helping them understand the specifics of our strategies and our order routing methodology to match their execution objectives.

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