Global Cash Trading

“Sound judgement, integrity, and team chemistry are the key elements found within our trading unit.”

Josh DiMarzo

Executive Managing Director
Head of Sales & Trading

Weeden Institutional Trading “Excellence in Execution”


Our Sales and Trading team ranks as one of the industries’ most experienced units. This experience provides consultation and advice on trading strategies most appropriate for achieving our clients’ benchmarks. Our sales teams are creative, thoughtful and disciplined — keys for navigating difficult, sensitive, or illiquid trades in volatile markets. Sound judgment, integrity, and team chemistry are the key elements found within our trading unit. We operate within sales teams, or “Pods”, giving our clients maximum service levels.

Liquidity / Block Trading

Weeden’s institutional flows are growing substantially, despite continuing marketplace fragmentation. Our sales traders and position traders interact creatively with block trades, resulting in industry leading cross ratios and lower impact costs. As market fragmentation proliferates, Weeden’s trading continues to focus on refining the art of the block trade. We strive to provide ease of access to our active trade blotter.


Our philosophy relies on discreet trade execution. Information leakage is closely guarded and sound judgment demanded. These bonds of trust have made us a premier firm for trading illiquid, sensitive merchandise.


Weeden’s substantial investment in proprietary trading tools, dark pool connections, and algorithms result in lower latency and higher cross rates for clients. Our technology platform can efficiently interface with a multitude of ECN’s and dark pools, permitting our trades to seamlessly and anonymously access liquidity venues. Our darkpool aggregator, OnePipe, which is one of the leading products in the industry, connects to over 30 dark pools.


Weeden has successfully integrated its block trading, program, algorithmic and dark book tools — allowing us to leverage crossing opportunities. Weeden’s trading experts overlay value added human thought on each trade. Forging high-touch human experience with low-touch implementation strategies results in superior performance statistics. Our methodology is disciplined, but infinitely flexible. With active management and a high level of focus on all size orders, we can “shift gears” quickly when conditions warrant. Our traders are adept at altering the pace of an execution to reflect changing market conditions.

International Trading

Established more than a decade ago, Weeden’s International Trading Desk provides the same level of service and execution quality that has been the hallmark of the firm since its inception. The desk is staffed on a 24/5 basis while trading all the major exchanges in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Weeden’s traders utilize proprietary low touch tools, coupled with our experience and knowledge of the local markets to achieve a superior and low-cost execution in Ords, ADRs and ETFs. Foreign market complexity is efficiently managed from trade to settlement by our top ranked Operations and Settlements team.

Unconflicted Model

Weeden does not employ a proprietary trading department. We are 100% focused on the Institutional client, and on providing the highest quality execution attainable. Our trading interests are completely aligned with those of our clients. This approach allows us to be a strategic partner, not a competitor, when facilitating execution strategies.


Weeden strategically deploys capital when immediacy becomes a primary execution choice. Creative utilization of capital commitment leverages block trading opportunities and reduces market impact costs for our clients.

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