Equity Derivatives

Jeff Fittipaldi

Senior Derivatives Trader

Michael Purves

Chief Global Strategist

Weeden & Co.’s options trading desk complements our robust equity trading product suite. The team focuses on dynamic hedging, yield enhancement, stock replacement and volatility strategies for client portfolios. Our derivatives team manages this effort with a highly consultative approach for clients, leveraging our proven track record of providing clients a trusted advisory relationship and alpha generating ideas. We focus on trading listed equity derivatives, including single stock, ETF and index options and incorporate a broad spectrum of strategies.

Our team’s initiative integrates option analytics, volatility analysis and cross-asset analysis to develop actionable trade ideas published in our Derivatives Strategy Note (sample).  In it, we analyzes the interrelationships of interest rates, currencies, commodities and volatility to understand and predict the price levels and volatility of equity markets and other assert classes.  In addition to establishing longer term frameworks, which cover SPX earnings and price targets, we publish tactical notes for ETFs and single stocks with specific and actionable trade recommendations. We also publish a Weekly Volatility Note (sample), which reviews the VIX in the context of cross asset volatility and economic, monetary and geopolitical trends.

Our core team is focused on client service and provides differentiated ideas that enhance our clients’ real returns. Our execution ability has always been highly regarded for sourcing liquidity in scale and minimizing market impact, especially in less liquid contracts.

The Weeden Derivatives team’s diverse and complementary backgrounds and experiences provide clients with a multi-disciplinary, collaborative approach toward portfolio management. This “client partnership” model continues to be a tradition that has defined Weeden & Co.’s reputation since 1922.

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